Episode 2:

Triple TV Propaganda
Launching realty-v

18 Mar 2018, 3PM
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, DE

realty-v is the very first REALTY artist commission featuring propagandistic vignettes, theoretical pictures, and archival materials. It willfully pursues the program’s stated agenda of getting the better of gentrification, even through the means of contemporary art. The realty-v logo is designed by artist and writer Diann Bauer.

Meanwhile, 42 explores the spirit of television as a broadcasting tool for artistic and utopian ideas since the 1970s, and  station+ is devoted to The Property Show, which is produced by students of Arno Brandlhuber at the ETH Zurich, department for architecture.

station+ and realty-v share an investment in the collectivization of property along the lines of economist Henry George and other radical reformists. But all three channels are committed to revisiting TV as an artistic means to mass pedagogy.

Language: English, German